Top Four Stocks To Buy

stoWhat are safe stocks to buy?

This is a common question that many people who want to trade on stocks ask. In fact, it is a good question to ask before engaging in any trade. Apart from the query, there are other important factors that you should consider when thinking of buying a stock.

1- The maximum time to wait for the stock

2- Risks that you can afford

3- The number of stocks that you can afford 

In the modern world due to the rapid recession, it is very important to do a thorough research before investing in stocks. The more the stocks you buy, the more secured you are in case the other stock drops.

The following are among the safe stock to buy.

Google Stocks

Google is a volatile company that can give you a beautiful chance of making large and fasting rewarding investments. It is among the favorite stock for everyone across the globe. You can buy shares from the leading internet search and advertising firm enabling you to accumulate a lot of money within a short period. Some stocks are likely to shrink during the tough economy, but Google may not suffer much. In additional Google’s management has shown a lot of willingness to rein in employee operating expense and capital expenditures to increase profitability.

General Dynamics

The performance of this stock has kept increasing for a long time. The economy slowdown has never been reflected in its performance. General Dynamic is among the most known world’s top ten defense contractor. It gets at least two-third of its avenue from the United States government.

General Dynamic it manufactures different military equipment ranging from tanks, submarines to electronics for the military. It is also the owner of Gulfstream which is known for manufacturing business jet. The jet business has been the major source of General Dynamic revenue contributing at least 18 percent of the revenue. The growth rate of this stock business keeps going higher each day.

Consumers Products

No matter how much things get bad, people will never stop purchasing household essentials such as Rolaids, Band-Aids, and Listerine. This means there will be more profits made in such a business. Though some products like medical drugs demand are subject to the number of patients, the profits are mainly high to cater for the loss. However this are regarded as short-term problem that any investment business might experience.sto2

The Oracle

This is a type of stock most admired by the young generations. To date, the Oracle has been the primary supplier of database software and essential underpinning for all types of the business software applications.

If you have been asking yourself, what are safe stocks to buy? These are the top four stocks you can make a comfortable investment.…