How Much Does It Cost To Install A Water Softener?

Water has been an issue in several parts of the world. Drought conditions and worries concerning clean water supplies have turned the water industry into a big business. Water softening systems can be installed in homes receiving hard water from their water supply. Hard water poses no health concerns to the human body, but can affect your hair and skin.

What price should we expect?

There are many factors that influence the cost of installing a new water softening system. The manual softeners are cheaper and cost way less to install. The cost range is about $400 with an extra $100 to $300 on installation. Metered and timed systems bring about extra costs that average at about $3000. Only select hard water
installation plumbing equipment that is most suitable.

Costs involved during water installation

Water softeners are priced quite high, nevertheless, there are ways of reducing that cost. Have all this in mind as you arrive at shop prices which ensure you do not overpay for this plumbing project.

Sizes of water softeners

2There are different water softeners suited for different homes. It costs more to soften water in a larger home than a smaller apartment. In most cases, the larger your home, the more it costs to install water softeners. On areas revolving around size, the local plumber considers; the amount of water in use, its hardness and the number of fixtures in use. When the figures rise, the price of the water softeners rises too.

The condition of water

Water hardness varies in intensity. The harder it is, the more you have to spend softening it. This is because a more sophisticated system is used to soften it. For those residing near cities, the water department have detailed records on the hardness of the water. Those who rely on wells can opt for test kits which test water pH, iron content and hardness. The price range for the kits are roughly $50.

What are the types of water softeners in the market?

There are several water softener types that arrive at different price ranges. The iron-exchanges are affordable to many easily becoming the most popular. The most expensive water softeners are the dual tank and salt-free. The magnetic softeners just arrived into the market recently and are not as expensive as the other two.

Cost of installation

When installing or replacing your water softeners only hire
professionals. The rates of installation charged by the experts differ. This is why it’s always recommended to get at least four quotes before deciding on the most suitable option.

Price of water softeners

3Repair and maintenance costs are necessary for any home. For instance, t costs money to correct stained floors, patched roofs and cleaning brine tanks. Unless your water softener is salt-free, you will have to add salt frequently. The rate of refill depends on the frequency of use. Once annually your brine tank has to be replaced or cleared out. Salt might build up, and failure to clean it will result in a malfunction which might precipitate costly repairs. When buying a water softener, ensure that it arrives with a warranty. Appliances with warranties show that the manufactures offer guarantees for their products regarding quality. In addition, in case it malfunctions prematurely, it will can be replaced.