Image of Single Abominaball Thread Necklace


Creepy Cute The Exhibition - Single Abominaball Thread Necklace
This cute necklace is Cohen Gum's abominaball design, taken over by Minnette Michael and turned wearable.

The tiny abominaball is made from hand cut (no laser-cutting here) brass that has been powder-coated black and is hanging on a long sterling silver chain.
Adelaide based contemporary jeweller Minnette Michael creates using a wide variety of materials and combines many different processes, some jewellery, some craft and some industry. Her 'Creepy Cute' designs were inspired by her love of nanna crafts and Cohen Gum's illustrations.


Creepy Cute - The Online Shop. From the original Creepy Cute exhibition - jewellery by Minnette Michael & illustrations by Cohen Gum. All works © Copyright 2012.
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