FIFA 16 Tricks

FIFA 16 promises better gameplay than previous games. Their players are now Al controlled which enables them to control the ball in front of them better than the previous years. To get free coins, you can now visit for more. Now that EA Sports have improved the game it is time for you to improve your FIFA 16 gaming skills.

Few tricks you can use to improve your game

Passing the ballfhdjgffgjdgs

The new Al controlled players in the game are better organized so just placing the ball on the feet of your fellow player will limit your play. What you need to do is place the ball in the space in front of your fellow player’s feet. You can do this by pressing the triangle button/Y button.

Crossfield pass

Sometimes you could find that the players are congested on one side of the pitch. A cross-field pass is a perfect way to move the game along. Hold the square button/X button until the bar reaches about three- quarters level or you can use the drill pass which is R1 + X button/ RB + button.

Pressing the opposition

Once the opposition has the ball, it is important to keep on them to get the ball back because they now maintain their form. You can push up the field using L1/LB (switch player) to move your players to mark your opponent’s most effective players.

Applying pressure

You can now apply pressure to your opponent’s players to gain an advantage when there is a physical struggle between your player and your opponent’s player. To do this, you will have to use the circle/ B button. Keeping the pressure on them will likely cause them to make a mistake thus giving you a chance to steal the ball. Make sure you pick the right player to apply pressure.

FUT Chemistry

It is tempting to pick the best players for your fantasy team. In a normal situation that would seem like a good idea but in this case you are more likely to be successful with players who have chemistry.

No touch drfjgsfhjgsdfjhsibble

The game now allows you to decide when your player touches the ball. This enables you to fake a left or right move. This was developed by Lionel Messi using motion capture.

The FIFA 16 game promises to be above the other FIFA games. It is different from the other games, and the player’s movement is a bit more realistic. With the few tips listed above, you will enjoy playing the game, and you will be winning a lot. All the best!…