Things To Consider When Buying A Sit-to-Stand Desk

Nowadays, most people work in offices. And they spend most of their daytime in the office. This is because our profession helps us to sustain us financially. Since we have limited options, we have to stay in our offices to deliver our services and earn a living in return. However, most people find it boring staying in the office, just sitting in the same position without adjustment for a couple of hours. We need to make our workplace an enjoyable setting to work from.
Our productivity can decrease when our attitude is negative. That is why the sit to stand desktop raiser have been made to make our life at our offices better. Having a comfortable office desk, chair, and an attractive office environment stirs up things. At times you need to stand while operating your computer. That is why you need sit stand desktop riser.

Below is are key factors to consider when you want to buy a sit-stand desktop riser

Personal preferences

stand sit riser deskWhen buying a sit-to-stand desktop raiser, it implies that you want to move more often throughout the time you are in the office. You need to change your posture frequently so that you do not experience back problems. The best thing to do is decide on the adjustable desk that you prefer because there are many models on the market. Most people prefer those that can be adjusted for stand-up and a sit-down. However, there are those that are designed for standing only. You may not stand all through because you need to relax on your chair. However, it all depends on the tool that works best for you. Always remember that choosing a desktop raiser based on your preference will improve your work comfort, health, and performance.

Desktop raiser details

It is advisable to know the desktop raiser details before any commitments. Most people choose this tool based on the price but forget that they are made of a cheap laminate. However much they are attractive, they have toxins like formaldehyde which may affect your well-being. Some materials gas off bad smells that may have health issues. Avoid buying those raisers that have chemical sensitivities. Consider buying a clean and natural desktop raiser like the one made from a bamboo tree. Natural raiser appears vintage, sustainable and durable. Also, make sure the desk is stable and fits everyone’s needs


It is wise to buy a height-adjustable desk that can detect an error. Considering an anti-collision featured desktop raiser help you to detect any obstruction that may occur during operation. This will prevent damage to this expensive investment.

Keypad specs

Since you are buying a good sit-to-stand desktop raiser, you must consider the desktop specs. For instance, an electric desk contains a keypad and up/down buttons for adjusting the height of your office desk. With many models in the market, some have keypads that contain preset options which allow you to set the best sitting or standing heights. It is there, your choice to buy an automatic or manual desktop raiser. Automatic raisers allow you to adjust to an actual height by pressing a numbered button and when released the desk moves to your desired height…