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You read right! Every time we launch a new Creepy Cute tee in future we give away 2, to two lucky Facebook fans! For free! What's the catch? You just have to Like our Facebook page, and that's it. Each time a new tee is launched we celebrate by randomly picking 2 lucky Facebook fans who then receive a nice little package in the mail :)

Is there anything else you need to know? We will be launching new products as often as possible throughout the year. Some tees are limited to females and others to men, so if you're a dude and you win a ladies tee, don't despair, you could be winning a tee for a lady friend. That should give you some pretty good kudos right? ;)

It also doesn't matter if you've already won a tee, you still remain in the running to win future draws. Sound pretty good? Happy winning!

Cohen & Minnette

Win a Free Tee


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Win a Free Tee